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Dive Into the New Age of Refreshed and Relevant Mortgage & New Homeowner Data

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Our Data Services

New Mortgage Loans or Refinances

New mortgage data contains a wealth of information about buyers and sellers that marketers can use to improve their bottom lines. Refinance lenders find value in targeting homeowners with offers of better financing, insurance companies can provide family security offers and property specific service providers, like energy efficiency companies, can offer account transfer services.

Equity Borrower Data

 We offer freshly updated Equity Borrower Data on a daily basis. 

 As the premier source compiler of mortgage data in the country, our knowledgeable data managers  will help you order the exact data you need. The can be pulled  from every area of the country. You tell us where you want to market, and we will do the rest! We can pull your data for you in the blink of an eye.

Mortgage Credit Data and Trigger leads

We have a soft on-boarding process that can take place in as little as 1-2 weeks. Then we will aid you in processing your data by streamlining the data to the printer- (which is US!). Turnkey data and trigger leads are the wave of the future. We can have your data in hand, mail piece per-designed, and in the mail in 24-48 hours! Credit data is also available to target your desired market by credit score.

New Homeowner Data

 New Homeowner Data file is compiled daily and sourced directly from property deed records throughout the country. Each week we accurately compile over 35,000 New Homeowner records, a great source of prospects for marketers. We collect our data directly from recorder of deed offices and employ our own processes and procedures that are designed to double and triple check the quality of our collectors.

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