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Credit & Trigger Data

We  have every kind of attribute imaginable including credit data and trigger leads. Yes, we are your one stop shop for "everything mortgage".  

Not only will we help you figure out what niche of the marketplace to dive into, but we will help you launch a direct mail campaign to reach out to potential clients within 24 hours. We are a quick turn data and print shop ready to turn your data file into direct mail that brings significant return on your investment. Your leads turn into quick response direct mail which means you beat out the competition and get into the mailbox FIRST!

We have fresh mortgage trigger leads! We know exactly when and where someone lands on an internet page and fills out a request for a mortgage loan, equity line of credit or loan, or refinance mortgage loan inquiry. We can get you daily leads plus print and mail within 24 hours to these leads. You will be the first one to hit the home of the person inquiring about some type of mortgage loan!

We also offer credit data. We work with all of the bureaus to get accurate credit ratings. So, whether you are targeting good credit customers, poor credit customers, or somewhere in-between, we have you covered! We have a simple verification processed and can get you qualified for credit data quickly!

Contact us today and speak to an expert on mortgage trigger leads and credit data!


Experienced Leadership

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